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Labebe - Wooden Kids Bookshelf


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 Weight ‎19.75 pounds
Size ‎17.91 x 19.49 x 17.52 inches
Brand Labebe
Material Type



Giving children a happy childhood

Since its founding, Labebe has been dedicated to creating children's products such as toys and furniture that are beneficial to children's growth. With strict requirements for product quality and design concepts that are tailored to children's needs, Labebe has established a good brand image and has been well recognized and loved by children and parents for many years.

JOLIE VALLÉE TOYS & HOME --Giving children a happy childhood
Brand Labebe
Material Wood
Item Weight 19.75 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.91 x 19.49 x 17.52 inches
Assembly Required Yes

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Tested and Proved

Labebe's products have been tested and proved by FSC,
ASTM International, Europian CE, and Climate Pledge Friendly

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Unique bookcase for children

This is a two in one bookshelf and toy storage. Its made from solid wood. The upper part is seperated into rows where books can easily be accessed. Underneath is an open area where we like to store things that go along with reading our books such as toys, blankets, and stuffed animals. The bottom is equipped with four hidden wheels so your child can easily push the bookcase across the floor. Its solid and sturdy so tipping over isnt a concern. My two year old and five year old really enjoy the bookshelf. Its easy access and fun design has encouraged and supported their love for reading. Overall a good value for the money and I think a great addition to any childs room!

Nice and Sturdy Bookshelf

The book shelf was easy to put together. The instruction is clear. The only tricky part is when assembling both sides together with the shelf boards floppy around in the middle. It was not so easy to keep the the boards lined up to the side. Once that part was done, the reset was very easy.

The bookshelf is sturdy and has a bit of weight to it. To make it easier for the kids to move it around, it comes with wheels! This bookshelf makes it easy to organize the current reading material for my daughter. Not only it is functional, it looks very nice too. The only con I can think of is the price. It is a bit on the high side. Anyway, I still give it five stars.

Great bookshelf for kid

My husband assembles this bookshelf and he says it's really well designed and of great quality. The wood panels and accessories are complete, and the assembling instruction is easy to read. The wood panels are of great quality, which feels very sturdy and thick. It's definitely not a cheap product. My daughter and son love it so much! Highly recommend it!

Adorable little bookcase/toy storage

This was really easy to build, and it's a really well-designed piece of furniture. It's a great size for toddlers to take care of their own things. They can store books on the top and toys on the bottom and see everything so they know exactly where they are and where to return them. Not only awesome storage, but these also make adorable decor!

labebe Wooden Kids Bookshelf

This is the cutest kids bookcase ever! It is the perfect height for my two year old to reach her huge book collection.

Our toddler could sit for hours listening to us read books for her. Over time her book collection has grown and grown and I had been looking for a compact solution for her play room as we were keeping her books in a small ottoman before. This was able to fit nearly all her books!

It was super easy to put together. The directions were clear and it took me about half an hour from start to finish. I also love that it has real wheels at the bottom so its super easy to move! The finished product is super heavy, sturdy, and a high quality material. It also has super cute details throughout with a star theme. The colors are a light true grey (not greenish or warm), the shelves are white, and natural. The very back has a cute small grey polka dot pattern so it could be set standalone in the middle of a room and look great from all angles. The very back shelf is also deeper than the two front ones which accomodates bigger taller books.

The bottom cubby has lots of space too for more books or other toys. My toddler ran up to it right away and was quickly able to find the books she wanted me to read for the evening. If I had one criticism it would be that I wish it was a tiny bit wider. Due to the large range of book sizes, it would have helped accomodate the books better.

I would definitely purchase a second one of these! Highly recommend!

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