Brand Story

Labebe's brand CEO, Shelly, grew up in a small town in Asia, where her family owned a toy factory. Her father had been running the company for decades, and Shelly thought that she would one day take over the family business.

However, when she returned from studying business in England, the factory was in crisis.

Despite the traditional wooden toy industry's efforts to keep up with the times, the father's old factory was gradually unable to meet customer demand because of the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, causing a significant loss of orders.

Shelly was determined to save the family business. She applied the Western sustainable environmental concept she had learned during her studies into practice, striving to reduce environmental impact during production and transportation processes.

Shelly also visited French and Hong Kong designers who were passionate about environmentally friendly products and discussed how to create a toy brand that would meet both environmental standards and appeal to children.

Finally, after Shelly and her design team's tireless efforts, a new sustainable, fun, and educational toy brand, Labebe, was born – focusing on using natural wood materials such as New Zealand pine and birch, and avoiding plastics and harmful chemicals.

This new toy brand was well received. Parents approved Labebe's environmental concept, while babies loved the unique designs and bright colors of the rocking horse.

Shelly's business began to grow, and she expanded the brand to include more wooden products such as children's furniture and walkers.

Shelly's success was not achieved overnight. She was once questioned by traditional toy industry practitioners whether it was necessary to inject sustainable concepts into children's rocking horses.

But Shelly was determined to make her environmental vision a reality. Today, Labebe has become a well-known and respected toy brand in the industry. Shelly not only saved her family business in crisis but also changed Asia's perception of environmentally friendly products.

She inspired other female entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps, giving them the confidence to shine in this male-dominated industrial world.

Brand Concept

Provide meaningful toys with new aesthetics for the new generation of parents, so that every family can have toys from labebe.

Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Whether it’s creating high-quality toys that are made to last, planting trees to restore the resources we use, or ensuring our products inspire open-ended play for all kinds of kids, we strive to make the world a better place.

We prioritize minimizing environmental impact in every aspect of our operations, whether it's through our trusted partners or the materials we utilize.

We exclusively utilize wood that is FSC®-certified, sourced from forests managed sustainably, as well as Indonesian Legal Rubberwood, which has either been repurposed or obtained from sustainably managed forests.

We frequently engage in visits and foster enduring relationships with our workforce and their respective communities.

Our relentless commitment is to continually improve, and we have made a pledge to eliminate all plastic from our packaging by the year 2023.

Additionally, we are tirelessly working towards ensuring that all our cardboard boxes are both recyclable and compostable. Our ultimate aim is to establish our brand as one that harmonizes seamlessly with nature, at every interaction point.

Photo credits: @mommy_4gentleman and @esragurayman.

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